Transafe B.V. is a fully independent service provider for the maritime sector. Our objective is to partner with maritime-related companies and industries for the purpose of providing support and continuously improving their safety, health, wellbeing, environment, quality and security-related processes . All our services are performed in compliance with prevailing legislation and on a best-practices basis.

The history of Transafe is embedded in the Dutch shipping industry. The company was founded for the benefit of the many shipping companies operating in the Netherlands. Our dedication to safety, quality and the environment and our ambition to excel have made Transafe what it is now, a leading, highly specialised partner in the maritime world. Over the past 10 years we have welcomed numerous shipping companies, charterers, terminal operators and governmental authorities as our clients.

The range of services offered by Transafe is based on what customers need and can be customized to meet specific requirements. This can vary from a straight forward inspection to a fully comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA). As our clients operate far beyond country borders, Transafe also guarantees to be a reliable international partner. Our services are provided worldwide and our international network ensures the best possible price/quality ratio.

The multidisciplinary working methods of Transafe B.V. enable it to maintain an integral corporate approach with a focus on safety and quality. Our services focus on the full scope of laws, regulations and directives rather than on one particular type of legislation. Our range of services includes Service Level Agreements, Safety Management Systems, audits, a full range of inspections for anything and alcohol to drugs tests, to mention a few.

Transafe also acts as a knowledge centre. Both waterside and landward side (e.g. terminals) profit from our pro-active support. Our Ship-Shore approach considerably reduces the chance of error and improves communications between ship and shore. Our organisation has three distinct business units: Terminals, Offshore, Inland navigation.

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