Transafe B.V. supports maritime-related organisations all over the world. All tasks are carried out in accordance with our Transafe Code of Conduct, which includes the Transafe Inspection Regulations. We maintain a broad and critical view on societal developments and actively take part in them. Our responsibilities do not stop with the relationships we have with our clients, staff, contractors and supervisors. We feel involved with society as a whole and take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

We endorse the creation and preservation of a sustainable society in which today’s and tomorrow’s generations enjoy equal opportunities. We give shape to our social involvement in various ways and in different areas:

• As an organisation, we take our corporate social responsibility seriously and operate in compliance with relevant legislation, industry standards and guidelines, while guaranteeing our customers objective and reliable advice.
• We are determined to support both national and international efforts aimed at raising safety and quality standards in the sector and making it more conscious of the environment.
• We strive to act in a manner that minimises any adverse impact on the environment our activities may cause.
• We encourage clients, suppliers and others we deal with directly to remain aware of the environment in their operations.
• Though we are an international player, we also take our local responsibilities seriously by supporting local associations and initiatives.

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