published on Tue 18 October 2011, last modified on Tue 15 November 2011

The Transafe MIDAS Loading Calculation program is a means by which it can be easily and quickly ascertained the intact stability of a particular ship in any given loading condition. The program uses only pre-calculated input data from the approved stability information as basis for stability calculations. The loading input parameters can be easily accessed by mouse click the buttons for Water ballast tanks or Cargo tanks. A warning on the screen informs the user immediately weather the tanker is complying with the stability criteria.

The Inland Water Way Tanker Stability Calculator MIDAS of Transafe B.V. has been reviewed for intact stability and Maximum VCG-curve and to show compliance and correct calculations corresponding the approved loading manual.
Lloyd’s Registers review concludes the MIDAS Calculation Software showed the correct output values corresponding with approved loading manuals and gave compliance with the Intact Stability requirements prescribed in the IWW law AND (9.3.x1.13), ROSR

This is not the first certified product of Transafe BV.
Previously Transafe received a certification for its Transafe Quality Management System. The certification from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance was based on the approval by the Quality Management System Standards: ISO 9001: 2008.
The Transafe Quality Management System applies to: Implement and maintain management and management systems for the maritime sector in terms of safety, health and safety, quality and environment. As well as providing trainings.