gepubliceerd op di 18 oktober 2011, laatst gewijzigd op wo 29 februari 2012

The new and highly innovative Transafe MIDAS Stability System enables you to automatically calculate the stability of your vessel(s) under a (planned) cargo. Formerly these calculations had to be done manually, which always involved a certain risk of error. With this new system the vessel’s skipper can continuously monitor the stability of his/her ship, even with the Internal Dimension or Load Loose modules activated. The system is linked to tank level measuring equipment, generating a permanent stream of readings. What is unique is that the program is capable of reporting, safeguarding and calculating stability both before a load/ballast condition and during loading/unloading/ballasting and de-ballasting. The Transafe MIDAS Stability system is available in a 4-language version, which Dutch, German, English and French. The system’s interface language can be changed by means of a simple procedure, which is a big advantage if a ship sails with a multi-nationality crew.

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