Alcohol and drug tests are carried out by qualified inspectors by means of breath analyser and saliva tests. The advantage of these methods is their high degree of accuracy and the speed with which it is possible to establish proof of any drug use on board/on site. Tests are carried out for six different kinds of drugs. Persons found positive undergo a confirmatory test. The tests fully comply with the legal requirements and guidelines, such as the GDPR and OCIMF guidelines.

In the event of an incident or accident, we can be at the scene at very short notice to perform alcohol and drug tests. The entire alcohol and drug testing process satisfies the most stringent standards, and all information is treated with the strictest confidentiality. We conduct tests in the following sectors:

•  Maritime sector (inland navigation/marine navigation)
•  Petrochemical industry
•  Offshore*

*Our personnel are HUET and BOSIET certified and have undergone medical check-ups.

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