Hazardous substances are substances which owing to their properties, even in small quantities, cause danger, harm or a serious nuisance to people, animals and the environment. Hazardous substances that come under transport legislation are distinguished through classification based on the UM number, hazard class and packaging group.

Transafe can support you in classifying your products, drafting the safety data sheet and determining the proper shipping name. The proper shipping name is employed throughout the entire transport chain and must be stated in the transport document, etc. The safety data sheet (SDS) is a structured document with information on the risks associated with the hazardous substance or preparation in question as well as recommendations for using the substance or preparation in the workplace. A safety data sheet is intended to assist the professional user:

•  in identifying which hazardous chemical substances are present in the workplace;
•  in understanding the risks associated with the use of the hazardous substance or preparation in question with respect to employee safety and health and the environment;
•  in taking the necessary measures to protect health, safety and the environment in the workplace.

Transafe can advise you in the area of REACH in relation to classification and the hazards associated with a substance as well as draw up a safety data sheet if desired.

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